Island of Šolta

Island of Šolta

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 8 ferry connections a day during the season between them, has become practically a suburb of Split. Visit us if you’re near by- swap the perpetually crowded roads leading to cramped city beaches for a ferry ride, cool down on its deck and, in less than an hour, arrive at a destination with christal clear sea, numorous pebble beaches not busy with bathers, with realistic and affordable prices and where no one will bother you shouting “Zimmer frei!”.
Tanned, salty and calm, leave the beach and head over to one of the numerous family-run farms on the island, and learn of the art of making oil, wine and honey. Doesn’t a glass of Dobričić wine, drunk in the same cellare it’s made, served with olive pate made with olives from Šolta and anchovies in golden, award-winning olive oil sound absolutely enticing?
Šolta has a total of 8 towns: on the coast, from east to west, are Stomorska, Nečujam, Rogač (with a ferry port for the entire island) and Maslinica, and on the inland part of the island, but still no further than two kilometers from the sea, are Gornje Selo, Grohote (the administrative center), Srednje Selo and Donje Selo. The whole island is 19 kilometers long and 4,5 kilometers wide, with total surface area of 57 km2.
The south side of the island harbors a multitude of alcoves that cannot be reached by car and several top-quality restaurants that have already become a must on boating routes, including the Maslinica, Stomorska and Rogač marinas that offer safe berth spots and quality conditions forharbored boats. We extend our warmes invitations to all the braver “sea wolves” to joins us, in the last week of July, for a unique event in the whole world, and to tugg a tiny island called Mrduja! Thisis part of the “Tugging of Mrduja” two-day event that brings to life the legend of the quarrel between the people of Šolta and Brač regarding to whom this island, situated exactly between the two islands, belongs to.